Gesù - un incontro speciale

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  • Language: Italian
  • Author: Daniel Wisler
  • Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria
  • ISBN: 9783906959016
  • Format: Paperback, 11 x 18 x 0,4 cm, 80p.
  • BD: 32

Western nations present a large number of reminiscences of Christian traditions. The most diverse associations, groups and parties somehow refer to them. If you trace history back to its origins, sooner or later you will come across him: Jesus of Nazareth. But few people today really know what is special about this figure Who was this man? What was his message? Why was he murdered? Does he still have an alternative to offer modern man? The content of this booklet tries to answer these and similar questions and helps young people to form a personal opinion about this extraordinary figure in the history of mankind.